The 2018 CrossFit Open is upon us! The Open provides us with the enjoyment of competing with our friends, the thrill of strategizing the perfect way to complete the WOD, and the excitement of seeing ourselves and our friends obtain new PR’s! This year we are doing the Open a little different. Your High Mountain coaches have selected Four Team Captains. That’s right, your fellow members are your Team Captains. Coaches are just part of the team this year! The Team Captains will be drafting each of our members onto their teams. Each team will compete against each other for points during each workout. The only thing you need to do to get on a team is sign up for the Open. Find out more about the High Mountain Intramural Open here. If you have done the Open before, you know how fun it is for your weakness to come up in a workout. This pushes you to put all of your effort in to getting that first pull up or toes to bar. But what if you didn’t have to wait for the Open to try to finally get that pull-up? Master the kipping on Toes-to-Bar? Do your first handstand push up? Or complete your first muscle up? Introducing the 2018 Open Prep Course, led by Coach Marble and Coach Carson. You will be taught and provided with the tools necessary to have your most successful Open yet. This 4-week course designed to refine your skills in the movements we all strive to get in the open: All levels of pull-ups, toes-to-bar, muscle ups, handstand push-ups and pistols. You will also be provided with Nutrition, Mindset, WOD strategy and weekly mobility. Homework will be provided for you to work on between Open Prep classes and leading into the Open. Your homework will be located on our new High Mountain CrossFit Online Platform, which you will have full access to. Homework can be completed during Open Gym hours. Every year when the Open comes around, our members get better at fitness. When we get better at fitness, when we recognize the bright spots in our PR’s and progressions, we get better at life. For 5-weeks we add the competitive element of the CrossFit Open to your weekly programming and it forces you to step up to the plate. And guess what? We all hit home runs, in and out of the gym. The Open Prep Course is here to make sure you hit the PR’s you deserve. Lets get to work. Details Course Entry: $59 for the full 4 week program Dates: January 29th – February 23rd Classes: Every Monday from 6:30-7:30pm Homework Details: This will depend on your current skill level. Plan on having 30-60 minutes of skill work 3x/week through this course.

“Master the basics and you will be a master at the most advanced.” – Carl Paoli

“Move Like You Care” – Carl Paoli