Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all. Nothing else in life is. We all wear different shoe sizes, put different weights on the barbell, and need different kinds of personal development to become better humans. Why should nutrition be any different?

If you do a google search for “weight loss diet” you’ll find millions of offerings. Most of these offerings are templates. Eat this, not that type of advice. Some may give general advice as to what or how much you should eat, some are free, many are paid. If you click into any of the offerings, it will likely ask you basic questions such as:

Body fat
Goal (weight loss, maintenance, weight gain)

Click submit and you’ll get a basic diet template.

Great, you have your template! You’re gung-hoe, you have the solution to your body composition troubles. You go all in during week 1. Week 2 comes around and you do well for the first few days, then all hell breaks lose and you gorge on the donuts your office mate brought. Diet over. You’ll try again next time.

We have all done this, probably on multiple occasions. It is a cycle that never ends because we are not taking the time to focus on changing our habits.

Why is the second week always so hard? We just finished Week 1 strong! We should be able to rock Week 2, right? What went wrong?

Fixing your Nutrition takes behavior modification and that can’t be done with a basic template. You need guidance. You need someone to turn to when times get tough. That is why we offer Nutrition Coaching.

Through your Nutrition Journey, you will work with your Coach to slowly change your behavior and habits to start moving you toward your specific goals. For some, it’s as simple as adding in extra food through out the day. For others, we set up a macronutrient breakdown with goals to hit. We use Biometric testing to make sure your Body Composition is moving in the direction. Your Nutrition Coach will then tweak your Nutrition Plan according to the Body Fat % and Muscle Mass increase seen on your InBody results.

With Nutrition Coaching, you get guidance from a professional who understands where you’re currently at and guides you through the process of educating you on the food you are consuming. You will learn what a protein, carb and fat is and begin to understand their importance in your body composition goals.

Templates won’t get you to your goals. They won’t be there for you when you’re having a bad day and need a Blizzard in efforts to have a quick fix moment of happiness. They won’t have your back when you are sick of chicken and need a different idea and they won’t be there for you when you go off course up and need encouragement to keep going. Your Nutrition Coach will be there.

Coaching is the reason our clients choose CrossFit. They don’t have to figure out their workouts for themselves. They don’t have to worry about the newest fad. They simply walk in the door and trust their Coach to give them a great workout and they see results. Why should Nutrition be any different?

If you’re ready to make the switch to Nutrition Coaching, lets get started. Want a bit more information or want to talk with one of our coaches? Book your free consultation.