CrossFit is appealing to people because of the group dynamic. They understand that accountability is the key to their success. Our coaches certainly keep our members accountable through goal setting. Even more powerful is that our members keep each other accountable to showing up to class and putting the appropriate weight on the bar. They don’t let each other slack. They want everyone pushing their limits just like they are. Try to put on 5 lbs less than you should or use a band when you don’t need to and you’ll get an ear full from the person next to you. At the end of the workout everyone sits down to compare strategies and discuss their lowest and highest points of the workout.

We program Team and Partner workouts at least once a week. Our members used to dread these workouts. Now they crave them. They understand that these team workouts push their limits because someone else is relying on them. It’s not about winning. It’s about giving everything you have so you don’t let the other person down. At the end of the workout they don’t want to feel like they could have gone harder, so they push passed their comfort zone. The result is increased fitness. And with increased fitness, you become a better overall human. And when you’re a better human, you’re a happier human.

This year we are introducing the Intramural Open. We have seen how these Team and Partner workouts have advanced your fitness. We have seen your relationships with each other grow from this team work. If you know anything about High Mountain CrossFit, you know we are a big family. Relationships are the core of our business. They are the reason that once a week Amy gets up an hour earlier than she needs to so she can workout with Tracey at the 5 am. Relationships are the reason we are all there for other members in a time of need or celebration.

The point of the Open is to test your fitness. Everyone who signs up ALWAYS hits PRs. With a crowd roaring behind them, they move faster than they would in a normal workout. They swing up and press into the top of a muscle up. Without the support of the crowd, would that still happen? Maybe. But you probably wouldn’t try as hard.

The High Mountain Intramural Open combines all the best parts of CrossFit and Team work. This year we will be divided into 4 teams. Your coaches have picked 4 Team Captains. Everyone will be drafted on to one of these teams. It’s the Captains job to recruit you, then make sure you show up at all 6 Open Events (that’s right, we have a super secret 6th event this year). Points are based on attendance, celebration (bring you spirit fingers), and of course, because it’s the Open, top performances will have points allocated to them.

The winning team gets a banner hung in the gym.

Let the recruiting begin!!