January is the time for new year resolutions right? That’s when most people take a vow to improve their life in one way or another. So why would I choose to cut out sugar during one of the most delicious months of the year?

Sugar is a momentary antidepressant, followed by a long lasting depressant. Sugar understands us when no one else does. It’s what we reach for when we are desperate for connection. And when the sugar high goes away, we choose to reach for more rather than deal with the underlying issues causing us to crave connection.

I know that the small amounts of sugar I am consuming is affecting my cognitive health. I know that it is aiding to my lack of enthusiasm for the things I should be most enthusiastic about. I know that it is holding me back from living today with true happiness and gratitude and mostly I know that it is affecting the relationships I have with other humans. So I will not let more time go by and let my yesterdays become a series of “I wish I hads” and my tomorrows become a fictional story of “Everything will be better when…”

In order to get through my struggle I first had to express it because I knew it would be hard to do by myself. So I sat down and did a goal setting session with Coach Marble. We talked about the positive things that have been happening in the past 3 months, we talked about the struggles I was going through and together we put together a plan that would get me back to my perfect day starting today…not tomorrow.

I had to do 3 things in order to make this session valuable:

  1. Be vulnerable. Let my guard down and tell him where I felt I was going wrong in my process and how it was affecting me. This is not an easy thing to do.
  2. Be receptive. I let my guard down when I told him the things that were holding me back from true happiness and I had to keep my guard down in order to be receptive to what his solution was. Resistance and excuses could not be an option here.
  3. Take Action. Coach Marble set up an accountability plan with me to keep me true to the goals we had set in this session and I had to take action that day. The action I took that day solidified my commitment.

At High Mountain CrossFit, every new member starts with a No-Sweat Intro so they can truly express their wants, needs, fears and desires. They form a connection with their Coach and their Coach helps them formulate the best possible game plan to get to their goals. Our members rely on our Coaches to keep them accountable on their personal path to happiness. Our members have a road map and they see Bright Spots every day. If they take a small detour off route, our Coaches and their fellow members are here to help guide them back. That’s the power of Community, Coaching and Goal Setting Sessions.

Tomorrow is not promised and while we wait to become the person we are meant to be life is passing us by. Let your guard down, express your fears and take action on the things you want most in life right now. Let today be the day you change your life.

If you need help, we are here.