Our High Mountain Youth program will set a healthy foundation for your child at an early age. We are passionate about embedding a fit and healthy mindset in our younger generations by combining fun and fitness. Our programs empower youth to step out of their comfort zone, embrace social interactions and find bright spots in their daily lives.

Improved Confidence

Members of our Youth Program have major improvements in self-confidence. Many kids walk into the first day of class with nerves high and heads down. Within a few days, those same kids are walking around the gym with heads held tall, smiling and high fiving their teammates. They will learn how to identify their own Bright Spots and recognize marked improvements in their skills. The positive reinforcement they get from our Youth Coach, Coach Marble, bolsters self-esteem.

Boost Social Skills

Group Training is a great place to meet new friends, but even better it is a place where kids can learn social skills. Everyone comes into this program at different fitness levels and everyone will have a specific strength and weakness within the 3 movement modalities: Monostructural Conditioning or “cardio”, Gymnastics / Bodyweight movements, and Weightlifting. Understanding that the person next to you may be better at pull ups and being able to put your ego to the side to try to get better at the movement is a very humbling experience.

High Mountain Youth members will also realize how important it is to listen to their coach when learning or refining movements. A key element to improving performance lies in staying focused and dedicated to the task until the desired outcome is completed. This is an important tool for them to understand in and outside of the gym. Finally, no one finishes a workout alone. At High Mountain, if you get done with the workout first, you immediately rally around the person who is still working out and cheer them on until they finish. This supportive environment will carry into all other aspects of their lives.

Improved School Performance

Exercise is extremely important for kids bodies and minds. Studies show that brain function, creativity and memory all improve after exercise. Study time is built into our youth classes to maximize your child’s maximal brain uptake post exercise.

We would love to sit down and talk with you about your child’s goals. Book a Free No-Sweat Intro here to meet with our Youth Coach.